Nursery Workshop – focus on Mark Making

What a fabulous turn out from the Nursery parents (73%) to our first workshop of the year largely focusing on ‘mark making’.  Lovely to see you showing a great positive attitude to the learning of the Nursery children.  I hope you found the practical resources useful to examine (and easy to duplicate / adapt) at home – photos attached.  Showing how gross motor movements coupled with fine motor movements all come together to support the grip of a mark making tool is fascinating.

As promised here is the recipe we use in Early Years to create our playdough;

*1 cup of flour, *1 cup of salt, *3 tsp cream of tartare, *food colouring, *1 tbsp oil, *1 cup of boiling water

Please keep trying the Home Learning packs given out on Fridays.

Many thanks

Nursery Lamb Team



Nursery are settling in well!

Wow!  What a lovely first two weeks in Nursery.  The children have all been amazing and it has been a pleasure to see their delight exploring the indoor and outdoor classrooms.  We are beginning to learn lots of new routines and also make lots of new friends!  The children did especially well when the school photographer was in – we were so proud of them.  Parents you have been super and the children are leaving you beautifully in the morning – well done.  Here are a couple of photos of our time so far…