Nursery Workshop – focus on Mark Making

What a fabulous turn out from the Nursery parents (73%) to our first workshop of the year largely focusing on ‘mark making’.  Lovely to see you showing a great positive attitude to the learning of the Nursery children.  I hope you found the practical resources useful to examine (and easy to duplicate / adapt) at home – photos attached.  Showing how gross motor movements coupled with fine motor movements all come together to support the grip of a mark making tool is fascinating.

As promised here is the recipe we use in Early Years to create our playdough;

*1 cup of flour, *1 cup of salt, *3 tsp cream of tartare, *food colouring, *1 tbsp oil, *1 cup of boiling water

Please keep trying the Home Learning packs given out on Fridays.

Many thanks

Nursery Lamb Team



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