Cheviot Class- Africa

This term, Cheviot class have been learning all about Africa. They learnt about different biomes, climate, vegetation and environmental issues. The children then chose their own African country and completed some research to create their very own fact book.  Each child researched the language, religion, clothing, climate linked to their country and then some fun facts. They put this information into their own book.

I enjoyed researching my country, as I got to learn about a new country and record the information in a different way- Burhanuddin

It was interesting as I got to learn about a country that I may never learn about- Isabella

I enjoyed finding out what food they ate in the country I researched- Archie

I liked being able to research and find out new information- Phoebe

I liked finding information about the different animals in my country, as I had never heard of some of them- Bella

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