Science Week in Year 3

What an amazing week we’ve had in Year 3! So much wonderful science based around the book Funnybones linked to our current topic of ‘Animals including Humans’.  We did investigations, comparisons, research and had some brilliant workshops.

We started our week with a very interesting Forensic Workshop where the children had to work out the culprit based on the forensic clues. We found it exciting when we worked it out.

We learnt alot about our skeletons this week. We looked at which animals have endoskeletons, exoskeletons and hydrostatic skeletons. We found out that a tortoise has both an endoskeleton and an exoskeleton.

We looked at joints and muscles. We made up a rhyme based on the the skeleton’s bone dance in the Funnybones’ book but using the scientific words for bones to show how they are connected to each other.

We carried out two investigations, where we had to predict what we thought would happen first then use the data we collected to answer the question:

Do the people with the longest legs jump the furthest?

Do the people with the longest finger flick a piece of paper the furthest?

We compared different animal skeletons and decided which bones were the same and which bones may be different before we made different skeletons from bone shaped biscuits. Can you tell which animals skeletons we made?

We also investigated how the muscles in our hands work by making a model using a card hand, straws and wool.

The Mad Science workshop and assembly were amazing.  The workshop was all about colour, light and lasers.

The assembly looked at indicators for acids and alkalis, accelerants for faster burning, colours of chemials when burnt and what happens when paper is fully burnt.

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